"... rooted and grounded in love..."  Ephesians 3:17


Our mission is to train leaders in Bible literacy.


The Koine Greek word "Xulon" means "tree" and just as a tree needs light and water to dig its roots deep and grow in strength, the Xulon International Bible Institute seeks to minister by sharing the Light and Water of the Word of God so that Christians everywhere may dig deep doctrinal roots and grow in both the wisdom and missionary zeal for the Lord.


Brad Zockoll

Brad Zockoll, Director of the Xulon International Bible Institute, received his B.A. in Bible from Bob Jones University in 1981, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Theological Seminary in 2005.  Dr. Zockoll has written for both Alpha Omega Publications and Focus on the Family Publications and has helped in church-planting efforts in Ohio and North Carolina.  He currently teaches at Grace Christian Academy in Knoxville TN and is an adjunct professor for King University's satellite campus in Knoxville. 

Rob Kelley

Rob Kelley, Director of Finance and Strategic Development for XIBI, received his Bachelors in Accounting from Bob Jones University and has been a leader in the financial field for years.  He brings 12 years of financial industry experience including success in private equity, banking, and technology. Rob is currently serving on a board at counseling the non-profit Life Focus Center in New Jersey.

He has more than 7 years of experience in corporate finance, startup (Zockoll Pottery), finance and in management consulting. 


Pastor Bobby McCoy is the Director of Bible Education at XIBI


Bobby was raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. At the age of 5, he trusted Christ as his Savior while attending Children’s Church at Oak Ridge Baptist Church. After attending seminary where he earned a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree and a Master of Divinity degree, Bobby joined the staff of Oak Ridge Baptist Church in 2004. He has been the senior pastor since the summer of 2015 with a heart for discipleship and reaching the community with the Gospel.


In 1999, Bobby had God-ordained circumstances enter his life that drastically changed its course when Bobby was involved in a car accident and became a quadriplegic.

You can read about the story here: bobbymccoy.com.


We are actively teaching online through video courses and direct face-to-face Zoom and Facebook Messenger live classes.  As we grow in our capabilities, we seek to use better and better methods in which to teach our students across the country and overseas.   


Abby Lane is on our Audio Bible Specialist team. 


Abby grew up in Middle Tennessee in a Christian home and became a Christian when she was five years old.  Abby felt the Lord wanted her to be a missionary when I was in Middle School, and felt the field was to be Hungary.

Abby chose to learn German in High School in preparation for the mission field

Moved to East Tennessee, and studied at Crown College and Bob Jones University for Secondary Education,  minoring in Social Studies.

However, Abby says she "realized my mission field was here while I was in the public schools. God continued to close the doors for me in regards to foreign mission fieldsand so I taught school and mentored in the home at Wears Valley Ranch."  Abby switched careers to healthcare and got her phlebotomy certification and became a Patient Care Assistant (CAN) at the hospital.  Abby is going back to school starting this month to become certified in medical coding. 

Dr. David Kew is our Methodology Director

Dr. David Kew has spent decades as an accomplished educator in the State of Missouri, working in public schools and colleges. His experiences range from hands-on classroom practice to assistant principal, as well as instructing teachers on earning their own master’s degrees.


Two of his greatest personal accomplishments represent his dedication to the well-being of others and ability to bring about an adjustment in behavior and thinking. First, he started a program of conflict management in the school system that taught how to resolve difference through a change in thought process and subsequent behavior. The consequence of this was a positive transformation in students, leading to an increase in both attendance and achievement scores. 


Dr. Kew also implemented a character education program that instilled in pupils an awareness and consideration of others, reliant upon the practice of personal responsibility. These expectations were applied to teacher behavior, as well, and ultimately helped lead to recognition as a “National School District of Character.”


Utilizing vetted and respected lesson designs, Dr. Kew has created plans specific for our audiences that blend numerous methodologies, such as critical and cognitive-behavioral learning and multiple intelligences. Understanding recovery is not a one-stop shop, so Kew Academy employs the expertise of Dr. Kew by making use of a multitude of techniques to reach those in need.