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"... rooted and grounded in love..."  Ephesians 3:17


Getting answers about Heaven...

Daily, our ministry inbox is filled with people from around the world asking questions about life beyond this life such as:

- Where do people go immediately when they die?

- Is Heaven boring?

- Will I recognize my family and friends when I get to Heaven?

- Does everybody get to go to Heaven?

- Does God live with us in Heaven?


People have questions.  The Bible has answers.  

This is our ministry - reaching people with the Biblical truths about Heaven.

The Heaven Tour is our next ministry step in which Brad Zockoll has been reaching and teaching about the Biblical insight about Heaven.  The response has been tremendous, exceeding all expectations that were originally planned by XIBI.  God has shown us new horizons of outreach both online and in-person, reaching virtually every state in the USA and across the globe.  When he is not recording a podcast or video Brad has been on the road at churches and coffee houses, reaching both Christians and non-Christians with the Scriptural truths about Heaven. 

Please pray for the Heaven Tour as we take new steps in opportunities of service for the Lord!


The Heaven Tour/Xulon
Leadership Team


Brad Zockoll

Brad Zockoll, Director of the Xulon International Bible Institute, received his B.A. in Bible from Bob Jones University in 1981, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Theological Seminary in 2005.  Dr. Zockoll has written for both Alpha Omega Publications and Focus on the Family Publications and has helped in church-planting efforts in Ohio and North Carolina.  His past classroom teaching included on the Bible faculty at Grace Christian Academy in Knoxville TN and is an adjunct professor for King University's satellite campus in Knoxville. 

Rob Kelley

Rob Kelley, Director of Finance and Strategic Development for XIBI, received his Bachelors in Accounting from Bob Jones University and has been a leader in the financial field for years.  He brings 12 years of financial industry experience including success in private equity, banking, and technology. Rob is currently serving on a board at counseling the non-profit Life Focus Center in New Jersey.

He has more than 7 years of experience in corporate finance, startup (Zockoll Pottery), finance and in management consulting. 

 The Heaven Tour ministry is an outreach of
the Xulon International Bible Institute

The Koine Greek word "Xulon" means "tree" and just as a tree needs light and water to dig its roots deep and grow in strength, the Xulon International Bible Institute seeks to minister by sharing the Light and Water of the Word of God so that Christians everywhere may dig deep doctrinal roots and grow in both the wisdom and missionary zeal for the Lord.

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